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Shuriken School is a French-Spanish animated series that first aired on August 20, 2006. It has also been airing on Jetix in the UK since February 2006, as well as on CITV. In Latin America and Europe, it used to air on Jetix. On December 22, 2007, Shuriken School moved to Discovery Kids Latin America, until 2009.


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  • Eizan Kaburagi is an only child, 10 years old, raised in an oriental working-class family from Tokirohama. Eizan is intelligent, hardworking, and eager to learn. His sole aim since childhood has been to become a ninja and to avoid selling rice balls. His signature weapon is a green plastic ruler. He is clumsy, as shown in the episode "Phantom of the Kabuki". He has a crush on Okuni.
  • Jimmy B. comes from a comfortable New York family, but pretends to be much more streetwise than his true origins. He spent all his time with his rap gang, developing a real talent for break-dancing. His parents, perplexed and fed up with their neighbors' comments, sent him to Tokirohama to stay with his aunt and uncle. Before coming to Shuriken, he went to Katana school, Shuriken's rival school, but was kicked out after a week. His weapon is a skateboard.
  • Okuni Dohan is the sole female member of the main group, and the most well-studied of them. She frequently cites examples from important lessons, and possesses great deductive skills and origami talent. There is also hinted rivalry between Okuni and Ami. She has a crush on Eizan.

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Shuriken School: Maptic Map Blue Print: Dojoe Marshal Art gym: Teacher Surveillance weaponry security lock area. Exercise, Fitness, Sports, Gymnastic Domortorial Gym Room. Physical stamina, and Strength: Domintorial

Curriculum text studied room separated from the Dojoe Marshal Art area separated from the widow panel. Simulation: Woreller broken through the glass. Compount of Science, chemistry, and Math equation and measurements.


# Episode Title Air Date
Season 1
1 The Pilot Winning Ninja August 20, 2006
2 Catnap Burglar August 28, 2006
3 Eizan's Shadow September 3, 2006
4 Vlad's Past September 10, 2006
5 Flip Flop of Fury September 17, 2006
6 Lousy Labyrinth September 24, 2006
7 An XXL Lie October 1, 2006
8 Kubo's Mystery October 8, 2006
9 The Demon and Mrs. Clean October 15, 2006
10 Cherry on the Cake October 22, 2006
11 Super Ninja October 29, 2006
12 Old School Ninjitsu November 5, 2006
13 Class Photo November 12, 2006
Season 2
14 The Old Master November 21, 2006
15 Okuni for President November 28, 2006
16 Funny Chick December 15, 2006
17 The Lost Treasure December 20, 2006
18 Phantom of the Kabuki January 10, 2007
19 The Saber and Its Shadow March 15, 2007
20 Shuriken School Secrets May 10, 2007
21 The Big Illusion June 15, 2007
22 Pop Star for a Day June 20, 2007
23 The Master of Darkness June 30 2007
24 Detective Mania December 22, 2007
25 Eyes Wide Shut
26 Dirty Rice Balls


Country Channel Original air date
First air date Last air date
France France 3 August 28, 2006 December 28, 2007
Guli Unknown
Jetix 2006 2007
Poland Unknown
Europe 2005 2010
Latin America October 2006 December 22, 2007
Discovery Kids December 22, 2007 January 19, 2009
Australia Nickelodeon 2007 2009
ABC3 2009 2013
RTÉ (as part of The Den programming block) 2006 2010
Mautritius Kids Channel 2006 2015
Malaysia TV3 Unknown
Philippines GMA Network
Asia Disney Channel
Cartoon Network
United States Nicktoons
Nicktoons HD
United Kingdom CITV February 2006 2009
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The Winning Ninja" • "Catnap Burglar" • "Eizan's Shadow" • "Vlad's Past" • "Flip Flop of Fury" • "Lousy Labyrinth" • "An XXL Lie" • "Kubo's Mystery" • "The Demon and Mrs. Clean" • "Cherry on the Cake" • "Super Ninja" • "Old School Ninjitsu" • "Class Photo" • "The Old Master" • "Okuni for President" • "Funny Chick" • "The Lost Treasure" • "Phantom of the Kabuki" • "The Saber and Its Shadow" • "Shuriken School Secrets" • "The Big Illusion" • "Pop Star for a Day" • "The Master of Darkness" • "Detective Mania" • "Eyes Wide Shut" • "Dirty Rice Balls"
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