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  • Eizan Kaburagi is an only child, 10 years old, raised in an oriental working-class family from Tokirohama. Eizan is intelligent, hardworking, and eager to learn. His sole aim since childhood has been to become a ninja and to avoid selling rice balls. His signature weapon is a green plastic ruler. He is clumsy, as shown in the episode "Phantom of the Kabuki". He has a crush on Okuni.
  • Jimmy B. comes from a comfortable New York family, but pretends to be much more streetwise than his true origins. He spent all his time with his rap gang, developing a real talent for break-dancing. His parents, perplexed and fed up with their neighbors' comments, sent him to Tokirohama to stay with his aunt and uncle. Before coming to Shuriken, he went to Katana school, Shuriken's rival school, but was kicked out after a week. His weapon is a skateboard.
  • Okuni Dohan is the sole female member of the main group, and the most well-studied of them. She frequently cites examples from important lessons, and possesses great deductive skills and origami talent. There is also hinted rivalry between Okuni and Ami. She has a crush on Eizan.

[edit]Voice castEdit

Shuriken School: Maptic Map Blue Print: Dojoe Marshal Art gym: Teacher Surveillance weaponry security lock area. Exercise, Fitness, Sports, Gymnastic Domortorial Gym Room. Physical stamina, and Strength: Domintorial

Curriculum text studied room separated from the Dojoe Marshal Art area separated from the widow panel. Simulation: Woreller broken through the glass. Compount of Science, chemistry, and Math equation and measurements.


[edit]Season 1Edit

# Episode Title Air Date
1 The Pilot Winning Ninja August 20, 2006
2 Catnap Burglar August 28, 2006
3 Eizan's Shadow September 3, 2006
4 Vlad's Past September 10, 2006
5 Flip Flop of Fury September 17, 2006
6 Lousy Labyrinth September 24, 2006
7 An XXL Lie October 1, 2006
8 Kubo's Mystery October 8, 2006
9 The Demon and Mrs. Clean October 15, 2006
10 Cherry on the Cake October 22, 2006
11 Super Ninja October 29, 2006
12 Old School Ninjitsu November 5, 2006
13 Class Photo November 12, 2006
14 The Old Master Unknown
15 Okuni for President Unknown
16 Funny Chick Unknown
17 The Lost Treasure Unknown
18 Phantom of the Kabuki Unknown
19 The Saber and Its Shadow Unknown
20 Shuriken School Secrets Unknown
21 The Big Illusion Unknown
22 Pop Star for a Day Unknown
23 The Master of Darkness Unknown
24 Detective Mania Unknown
25 Eyes Wide Shut Unknown
26 Dirty Rice Balls Unknown


An animated film, entitled Shuriken School: The Ninja's Secret, has been produced by Xilam. It aired 22 December 2007 on Disney Channel Asia.


"The plot of Shuriken: the Movie follows lead protagonists Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni during the summer holidays. The three friends soon engage an interesting albeit dangerous struggle for reputation, family, and a whole lot more when Eizan's dad is kidnapped by professional ninjas. Upon setting out to find and rescue Eizan's father, the kids must employ the skills and techniques they studied so fervently during their first year of ninja training. Things are difficult however, when they learn that the Jade Shuriken, an ancient symbol of extreme ninja power, threatens Eizan's dreams and potential to become a true ninja. A series of events unravel as Eizan strives to clear his name, realize his dreams and secure his place at Shuriken School."[1]

                 Bosting and the School Photo Graph:

A Suriken School Child: A Younger Boy Bosted got the girls attention: went overboard personize permoted him self as fablous, The Girls was intreasted. Listen the Covensation the younger boys area location of different schools got invovle gang up after the boy whom boosted. Lucky for them Jimmy B was there.

Stelth got way from the children however the student challenged the Super Ninja to a dule. Students from different domintory want is see how tough/ or Rough the boster is. They would meet a Suriken School Tomarrow "Hero" the boy laught went their divide in different sections.

Azian was invited to the Principal Office: School Year Picture must betaken. Taken pictures would show in the photo graph but these picture had a differation hidden tachnic. The Student's were invisible. They had to hid in order to pass their test. Azian will find a way:

A Summai Had a cold symtom sickeness, stuff cold. Teacher avised the principal not to take pictures. no due to knows fault he stood away isolate him from other the studed.

Kati may have transferred the cold to Zummai before the picture was taken. Essential a Kiss was not need. Kati sickness was calm she was ready for picture taken.

Boster told Azian now there were two problems to deal with. and Summai had cold sickness they would find way.

Arrival of Picture day: The Shuiken Child hang a flag over a tree. Still missing one member. The Children also arrive at suriken school searching for Boster, in search find him.

The Photo Graph in the backyard of Suriken wait to see the student. Summai show up when he was not supposed to: Jimmy and boster hidden then ran from the other students under the flag as well stand stadium.

Same time the pictures was taken: Summai Sneassed and cause abrom-montor surface tremor brought the flag covering the children. Camafluged from the other children search for them passing them by while the photo grapher was given to the school principal.

"The Children could have has disappeared". Could not find Boster they went their separate unhappy, but he was gone. Another student thought he could a Supper Ninja with hidden skill.

Other did not want that student thinking about it. They divide went their split up went back to their dormitory. The Search was over.

Principle Azama Hang the student picture up in the tree. The also blend with their environment: The Staff members and Azama had something to be proud off.

Turn out Sammai had a 24 hour cold symptom: he was better in no time He could Breathe again. Student at Suriken School.

Review, fix, Repaired:

Savenage Hunt: Test Exam:

To the Principal the teacher will probably need a Authority parental or Guardianship consent form, before the facility shift move to another area a written authorization however The Children should be warned or leave a note while sleeping at night. Re-location in another area may considered Kidnapping if not notified. Children rection away from Suriken school could make the youngsters nervous.

Principal and staff could not decide the location, or area, where they should hold the exam test. Gymasisis, Ocean-Sea Cabin ship, not to far away from Shuriken School, there is Illial Canal stream or River that lead to the Wide area of the Ocean Sea's Riple depth of Immergence Water tide at the docks. Scavager Hunt search for lost treasure should be hidden in the forest arrange at the school.

Principal thought they were all good idea's could not decide. He left a warning note and were warn they would be located told the children to get some rest.

Preparation of the tranference towards a different locations. Teachers, staff, Parents, and Crew help moved the children with support to another location a Sea Ship cabin.

The Student should have been prepared to follow the clues and not attack their teachers: This was a scavenger Hunt: Follow were supposed to the clues: This why I say: may have been probably Tention of Uneasiness that made the student's nerves: Failer was in question: about to happen for both sides: We can do better:

Test Exam Scavenger Hunt:


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